How to Install Wall Art Frame in your home?
How to Install Wall Art Frames in your home?

Wall art Frame is one of the most important things that are used for wall decor at home, considered one of the most important wall decorations because they give a change to the shape of the wall decoration and make the decoration beautiful, different, simple, and inexpensive so they are preferred by some people.

Wall-art Frame is a word of its French origin (tableau) and it means the description by drawing, and after that, it came under the paintings category.

There are many types of Wall art:

Sports Wall art:

Sports Wall art frames

This can be used in many places such as clubs, gyms, and children’s rooms, and a drawing for a specific sports game or sports equipment.

Graphics and color Wall art:

Graphics and color Wall-art

it is a kind of elegant Wall art which is considered a special, and different art for my preference, as there are some different shapes of graphics and color tables, and most of them are according to the preferred colors of each person, and the one panel or the single Wall art contains a group of colors Which are proportional and harmonious together and distinctive graphics.

Food and beverage Wall art:

Food and beverage Wall-art

The most use of food and drink Wall art is in restaurants and cafes, and usually in kitchens at home, and they are used with modern décor because they have been introduced into the decoration soon and have become important in designing interior decoration for kitchens.

Graphic and Fantasy Wall art:

Graphic and Fantasy Wall-art

They are strange and different graphics, their shape is not widespread and their graphics are not widely known, but they are distinctive in the form of decoration and work on a noticeable and beautiful change in the shape of the wall and usually changing the shape of the tables is sufficient to clarify Decor renovation.

Children’s Wall art:

Children’s Wall-art

There have their favorite cartoon characters, some pictures of children, and the practice of different activities, and always have colors that suit the children’s personalities, and their choice is good when using them in their bedrooms.

Animal Wall art:

Animal Wall-art

It is a different kind of art and is preferred by some people. There are lovers of different kinds of animals and they like to use them in decoration and use their drawings and wall art frames for them.

Typography Wall art:

Typography Wall-art

typography is a different new type that has recently spread in decoration and has different forms. It is writing sentences and objects with different lines and changing the shape of lines and letters and drawing them in different ways according to the required and is considered one of the modern decors that were newly discovered and were introduced. In the décor, different sides and different phrases are also used.

Girls Wall art:

Girls Wall-art

They are a collection of pictures of girls ’things and their favorite things, whether in makeup or clothes, and are in beautiful and attractive shapes, and these wall art frames are always used by girls in their own rooms or used by the owners of shops and commercial places for girls as a kind of Distinctive and attractive decor.

Islamic wall art:

Islamic art

It is a different type of walldécor, but it is beautiful and calm and gives a different shape decoration, it has certain places and specific décor to choose from, but it is distinctive and gives a different décor and because it is not widespread so its decoration is attractive and its shape is different.

Arrange the Frames on the wall

Focus on the heater or the focus point:

Focus on the heater or the focus point

Often the heater in the room or living room is the most important point of focus, and therefore all the eyes are focused on, so the best place to install a wall frame is above the top rack of the heater, and in this case, you will have a choice of two, either you install a large panel with the same Show the heater hole through which the visible flame comes out, or you can install a group of small panels that meet with each other and appear as if they are one frame, and they are the same size as the large panel.

The area of ​​the wall on which you will install:

The area of ​​the wall on which you will install

Before you think about buying a new wall art frame, you must take into consideration a very important point, which is the size of the wall on which you will need to install the frame, if the wall is a small area, it is necessary to install a small frame or a group of small frames, and make the spaces between them narrow.

If the wall area is large, choose large frames, and this results in a very nice balance in the wall, especially if it is large or the ceiling height is high, taking into account that the distances will be greater in the large frames than in small frames.

Initial testing of wall frameworks arrangement:

Initial testing of wall frameworks arrangement

The first or initial test word means that you avoid making any perforations in the wall except after you choose the places for the frames well and settle in your choice. You must fully take into account that point, because if you made punching in a point and then you discovered that the shape of the frame was not at the required level in this. You will either have to leave it in the same place in order to cover the hole that you punched out. Or change its location and distort the shape of the wall and in both cases, the general view will be bad.

Draw lightly on the wall so you know the exact location of the installation.

Keep wall frames eye-level:

Keep wall frames eye-level

When installing the four-wall art frame. Make the midpoint of the whole group at your level of vision while you are standing in front of the panels. And this applies to any room in the house. But if you look at the dining room, you will find that the situation is somewhat different. Meaning that you are in the dining room sitting on the chair to eat. And therefore your body is lower than the standing position. So it is advised to make the wall frames in the dining room lower in height than the rest of the rooms. So that they are at the same level of your vision while you are sitting.

The size of wall frame:

The size of wall frames

There is a common mistake that many people make. And it is the wrong choice of the areas of the frames that are installed above the sofa, corner, buffet, or console, often they do not have the required sizes. If you choose very large or very small frames, the view will be strange. So there is a wonderful base you can follow. Its followers say if you have a particular piece of furniture on the floor. Whether it is a sofa, corner, or console, specify its exact size and make the wall tables two-thirds that width, for example. If the sofa is 240 cm wide. Choose the wall tables above the sofa at least 160 cm.

Achieve visual balance:

Achieve visual balance

If you have a group of many Wall art frames, and you want to install them as a single block. It is necessary to achieve visual balance in the form of assembling wall frames together. While you are installing, try to make large frames on the lower and left sides. And this will achieve an effective visual balance for you because the eye is at The vision starts from the left. And if you have a group of equal-sized panels and one large one. Place the large board in the middle and distribute the rest of the panels around it.

There are many websites that sell Wall art Designs. Some of them just sell digital wall art designs and some of them provide print-on-demand services. Here is a list of some of these websites:


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