All you need to know about Cricut Machine
All you need to know about Cricut Machine

What is Cricut Machine?

Cricut machine is a cutting device with a simple design. easy to use and used in multiple fields. It cuts very accurately. and its price is very acceptable. for all beginners with manual and craftwork. This device, with its unlimited capabilities, is the best way to produce works with extreme precision.

Materials that can be cut using the device:

Cricut Machine materials

All Cricut machines have the same ability to cut a variety of materials with unparalleled precision … from cuttable materials.
Clothes labels (do not iron on clothes)
Kraft materials
Recycled materials
Thick material
Device features


The device has the feature of smart cutting, which enables it to cut and cut various shapes and sizes with great precision .. from (0.25-inch length) to (11.5 ”23.5 inches).

Smart Disk:

All Cricut devices contain a settings disk that is run to choose the type of material to be cut… When choosing the cutting settings for the material (cutting speed and force of pressure on the blade. etc) .. the settings will be programmed in the device… All you have to do is turn the disk to determine the type The material to be worked on.

Pictures and fonts:

You can upload your own photos and favorite fonts to the Cricut program and use them for free cutting.

Using Alcatraz Strips:

Alcatraz tape is a collection of projects and images in a small piece that you can buy from Cricut. All Alcatrij tapes sold at Cricut and free of charge work on all devices. You can also keep your catalog on your account on the Cricut website .. and once you download it you can work with it From any device.

Program of Action:

All devices are equipped with a program for work and design. You can use the program from all your home devices (PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone)

There is a built-in Bluetooth with the device that enables you to create your own designs via a computer, an iPad, or a smart device.

This product does not require a battery or contain a battery.

The product is not hazardous and does not contain hazardous materials, toxic or waste materials subject to regulations related to transportation, storage, or disposal.

For a device that contains a pen holder and a spacious drawer to store additional tools

It cuts to ten feet, which means more than 3 meters

The device works without the net.

The size of the device is smaller and its weight is less.

The program provides you with more detailed settings such as determining the device’s cutting speed and paper density

Cricut Explore Air:

This all-in-one device contains all the amazing features of Cricut Explore One .. in addition to two unique features:

1- It contains a place for the cutting blade. And another place for the writing pen or the folding pen.

      * This feature can be added to the Cricut Explorer One device (which you cannot write or fold) by purchasing an additional piece and installing it on the device.

2- It contains the Bluetooth feature .. so that you can design it on your handheld device anywhere you are. Once the design is finished, the project is sent to the Cricut to start working with it (without any wires).

      * You can add this feature to the Cricut Explorer One device by purchasing a Bluetooth piece and installing it on the device.

Cricut Explore Air 2:

The modern and developed version of the Cricut Explorer Air device .. the same features as the Cricut Explorer Air device, with double speed (X2) in cutting and writing.

A simple explanation of the use of Cricut:

Cut any type of paper for you in any format that you include. Starting from light binding paper through to cardboard and compressed cardboard and ending with cutting light fabrics

All you have to do is insert an image and define the boundaries of the image that you prefer, and the device will crop it

You choose the type of paper and the sharpness of the blade. Then you insert the paper onto a special board and give the cutting order … and it cuts to you like what you like and as accurately as you can imagine.

The devices need a plate to hold the paper at the time of cutting. These devices have a blade that can be replaced with a pen and draw for you instead of cutting.

Common questions and answers about Cricut:

Do the Cricut print?

The Cricut does not print. However, all of the current machines that offer have an option to draw and mark things like letters, shapes, etc.

Does Cricut need ink?

You don’t need ink to use Cricut. Because it is not printed.

However, if you were to use the drawing option. You need pens to draw

Does the Cricut sew?

No… Cricut doesn’t sew, it just prints

Does Cricut cut wood?


Only the Cricut maker can cut wood. Some types of wood that can be cut are balsa and linden.

Do not cut. If you need to cut these materials, you will need a blade dedicated to cutting these thick materials. Cricut Maker, the machine itself

What projects can be done with the Cricut machine?

Home decor:

window and wall stickers. Or something I like a lot is customizing things like baskets or even cooking seasonings.


for planning and writing a diary

Greeting Cards:

Create classy greeting cards

Clothing Items:

Cut and iron on cute and personalized designs on your T-shirts.

3D projects:

like gift boxes and even card games! –

You can cut wood and create durable 3D projects with the Cricut machine.

Also cut fabric and create fashionable items for your clothes and more

What is Cricut non-fusible ink?

It is the type of technology that allows you to create your designs and transfer them to the basic material. What makes this technology so unique is that the transfer of invisible ink will become one with the base material you choose

What blade would you need to cut different materials?

Fine Point Blade: Ideal for light and medium materials like paper, vinyl, and cards. It now comes in golden color.

Deep blade: great for thicker materials such as wood boards, thick cards, foam boards, etc.

Attached is Fabric Blade: Ideal for cutting the fabric! The fabric needs to be bonded with support material.

Rotary blade (only for Cricut machine): It cuts pretty much any type of fabric and the fabric can be placed on the carpet. It comes with Maker and in these moments it is not sold individually. However, they do sell the Rotary Replacement Kit

Knife Blade (For Cricut Maker Only): This nifty little blade can cut very thick materials like linden!

Quick-switch punch blade: This special blade will allow you to create projects with a torn end. With this tool, a new world of possibilities has been opened up. It only works with the nicotine maker.

Quick-switch wavy blade: Instead of cutting along straight lines such as a rotary blade or fine blade, this tool will create wavy effects on the final cuts. It only works with the nicotine maker.

Is Cricut easy to use?

At first, you may think that it is difficult, but once you get used to it and learn it, it will appear very easy.

Do you have to be tech-savvy to be able to use the Cricut?

You need to know some basics about how computers work, such as opening a page and logging in to the design page to arrange the thing you want to cut.

For your device to work, you must be connected to Cricut Design Space.

Can I connect the Cricut device via Bluetooth or a computer?

printing sketch

This depends on which device you have.
Contains both Explore Air 2, Maker, and Joy on Bluetooth Built-in so they can connect to desktop or phone.

Do you need the internet to be able to use the Cricut?

You don’t need a constant internet connection.
However, you need to be connected to the internet to run your machine, you need to install the design software.

Keep in mind that also if you want to use images and fonts, pictures and fonts for future use.

What is Cricut Design Space?

Cricut Design Space is the program that allows you to organize, create and finally cut your projects.
Without it, you cannot run your device. This is why learning how to use it is so important.

Is Cricut design space free?

Yes, if you have a free device!
You can upload your own designs to be cropped and access some shapes to create simple cuts for free.

What is Cricut Machine Access?

Cricut Access is a giant library that allows you to select and create truly designed projects. This is very useful if you are just starting.

 When you have Cricut Access and depending on the plan you have, you can select unique fonts, graphics, and 3D projects.

Where to find free Cricut cut files?

Daydream Into Reality Library
Not only you can get cut files, but also other types of stunning printable materials for any occasion. !


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